Can Someone Give Me Some Information or a Website About Alternative Med. for Treatment of Addiction?

Question by cassey: can someone give me some information or a website about alternative med. for treatment of addiction?
its for a paper due please give me as much info as what unhelathy behaviour is treated by the certain alternative medicine.where i can get info..etc…thanks

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Answer by CoCo! =] x
Em… i’m not sure if this helps,
Its about Acupuncture treating addiction?
Its only one form of alternative medicine though.
Hope it helps! =]

Answer by YA Junkie
I don’t know if the link below will help. It is a general google search of “alternative medicine for addiction.” The problem is that it gives you SO much information, it could take a long time to find exactly what you are looking for.

I do know that both hypnosis and acupuncture can be useful for treating addictions like smoking, alcohol, eating disorders, and even hard drugs. Although it is not exactly considered alternative medicine, psychotherapy and group therapy can also be useful for the addictions mentioned above. Good luck with your paper.

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