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How Teens Help Teens Fight Drug Abuse

How Teens Help teens Fight Drug Abuse — In an interview with Doctor James Hughes, CEO of Inspirations for Youth, a nationally renowned teen drug and alcohol abuse interventionist, he outlined a sim…

Weymouth council appoints committee on drug abuse
The new five-member Mental Health and Substance Abuse Committee will work with the town's Substance Abuse Prevention Team, the police and school officials, as well as parents of addicts and recovering drug users, to gather… Continue reading

What the White House Task Force on College Sexual Assault Doesn't Say

What the White House Task Force on College Sexual Assault Doesn't Say
But why the conspicuous silence about the single biggest force compelling the perpetration of sexual assault and setting the occasion for victimization — alcohol and other drug abuse? Yes, the report acknowledges the relationship between intoxication …
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Dutchess County Helpline Adds Texting Service to Assist Young People in Crisis
Dutchess TEXTS increases accessibility for young people to help… Continue reading

Alcohol Rehab Columbus | Detox Columbus | Alcohol Rehab Columbus

Alcohol Rehab Columbus | Detox Columbus | Alcohol Rehab Columbus — http://columbus.alcoholdrugrehaboh.com Alcohol Rehab Columbus Call (614) 254-5277 to Get Help Now! We offer the best drug rehab, alcohol rehab facilities and…

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Drug Addicted Babies Are Scary (13/8/11)

Drug Addicted Babies Are Scary (13/8/11) — Michael and Dando discuss the recent discovery that a high amount of babies in Geelong are born with a drug addiction. Epic lol.

Doctors warn of opioid addiction danger
Those most at risk include people with any history of substance abuse, including smoking. People with mental health issues like depression, anxiety and personality disorders are also vulnerable. A big challenge is for doctors to determine the motives… Continue reading

LCBO 'Express' Stores Not Enough: Convenience Store Operators

LCBO 'Express' stores not enough: Convenience Store operators
The Consumers Council of Canada said the fight surrounding how alcohol should be sold in Ontario “doesn't strike us as being consumer driven at all,” according to executive director Ken Whitehurst. … “We obviously think beer, wine and spirits sold in …
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Firecharger Veteran Addicted To Alcohol, PTSD Life-Changing Story — Andy ‘Firecharger’ comes on the show to give his testimony of… Continue reading

Judge Recommends Iraq Veteran With PTSD and Drug Addiction Get Help in

Judge recommends Iraq veteran with PTSD and drug addiction get help in
Christopher H. Noland, coordinator for regional substance addiction programs for BOP prisons in southeast, testified that 25 inmates now on waiting list to get into a 39-week program for dual diagnosis – drug addiction and PTSD – set up at two prisons.
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Decision Looms on Bill Targeting Pregnant Drug Users… Continue reading