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Help in NW Indiana for Son Who’s Depressed and Self Medicates?

Question by dede: Help in NW Indiana for son who’s depressed and self medicates?
Is there any other place in NW IN that has a good dual diagnosis program? He has been clean for four months but is depressed and ready to relaspe.(cocaine and/or heroin was what he used to self medicate.)Has low self-esteem, doesn’t care about anything,carries alot of guilt, and shame for things he’s done to self medicate. Newlywed since May/wonderful girl, new… Continue reading

Can Drug and Alcohol Counseling Help With a Problem Drinker and Pot Smoker?

Question by Kels_Bells: Can drug and alcohol counseling help with a problem drinker and pot smoker?
I have a tendency to drink too much to thee point where I do not remember what I did or where I am and have come close to putting myself in danger on more than 1 occasion. My husband smokes marijuana and wants to stop. Will counseling together help us kick our bad habits?

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Alcohol Addiction Questionnaire – See This

Alcohol Addiction Questionnaire – See This — Visit: http://tov1.net/addiction-alcohol – Alcohol Addiction Questionnaire — Rehabilitation treatment Handling all types of addictions, Is alcohol, drug use…

Does Misuse Of ADHD Medications By Students Constitute Cheating?
Investigators evaluated responses from an anonymous online questionnaire in December 2012 from from 616 sophomores, juniors and seniors without ADHD. … “While many colleges address alcohol and illicit drug abuse in their health and wellness campaigns …
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West 57th Street Home to Drug Rehab Quietly Marketed – Commercial Observer

West 57th Street Home to Drug Rehab Quietly Marketed – Commercial Observer

West 57th Street Home to Drug Rehab Quietly Marketed
Commercial Observer
The long-time home of ACI substance abuse treatment center on West 57th Street has quietly hit the market with Christopher Snyder of CSRE Real Estate Advisors, Commercial Observer has learned. “It's a corner property,” Mr. Snyder said, and “highly …

Drug Rehab – Google News

Rapper 2 Chainz Sentenced to Drug Rehab and… Continue reading

Chrystal Hassell Goes on Motel Crack Cocaine Binge and Gives Birth in Bathtub

Chrystal Hassell goes on motel crack cocaine binge and gives birth in bathtub
Child neglect charges have been filed against Hassell though it is unclear what, if anything, she will face regarding the possible drug possession and use. Terry said that he thought that probation for his earlier drug possession charge had expired and …
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Immigrant crack and heroin dealer will finally be deported after managing to …… Continue reading

Drug Addicted Babies Are Scary (13/8/11)

Drug Addicted Babies Are Scary (13/8/11) — Michael and Dando discuss the recent discovery that a high amount of babies in Geelong are born with a drug addiction. Epic lol.

Doctors warn of opioid addiction danger
Those most at risk include people with any history of substance abuse, including smoking. People with mental health issues like depression, anxiety and personality disorders are also vulnerable. A big challenge is for doctors to determine the motives …… Continue reading