Drug Rehab for Teen…..?

Question by Ahj A: drug rehab for teen…..?
are there drug rehabs for teens who are addicted to prescription drugs only for a week or 2?
how do you know if you need to go to rehab?

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Answer by Gabe
Local hospitals offer Critical care units for psychiatric inpatients and also heavily dangerous drug addicts> u can try, but again unless you’re on the verge of death it might be hard to get in. Just check with your counselor, they can set up a program to get you off without having to go through all the huge bills and insurance scrambles for a hospital stint.

Answer by texeyes
“Most of the parents feel ashamed of their children and feel helpless.”, per http://DrugFreeRehab.com So my first piece of advice would be to not be ashamed, be well informed, and seek help immediately. Teen years are an extremely impressionable years, both for positive and negative lessons. I would set up a meeting with your school counselors for free advice. They will also know if this is common in the school and also can provide possible positive solutions. An additional step would be to do a simple search in google with your zip code and the term “addicted to prescription drugs”. Call all local agencies to get as much info to make an informed decision. I wish you luck and would advise nipping this problem in the butt ASAP.

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