Drug Rehabilitation Centers: 7 Points to Note About Drug Rehabilitation

Drug abuse has become one of the major problems of teenage in USA. Nearly I million teenagers are at present the victim of drug abuse. But this is not all; there are also equal numbers of adolescents dependent on alcohol. This makes the drug rehabilitation centers the most sought after place by the parents of these children. However the problem can only be solved properly and eradicated if parents take active part in the rehabilitation program. Further still parents should educate their teenage children properly and motivate them to keep away from such harmful drugs.

But are you among those unfortunate parents whose children are suffering from drug abuse or other such bad and killer habits? Then here are certain things which you should positively look into before sending your child to a drug rehabilitation center.

1. Drug rehabilitation center aims at curing your child of a deadly addiction. This will surely take time and it might be that he has to stay there for months to get cured. Therefore it is very important that you see to the location of the rehab. Choose a rehab that is nearer to your place so that you can visit from time to time as needed. There are many rehabs which only take in patients whose family promise active participation. After the initial few weeks the patient may be allowed to have a weekend stay with his family. At such a point the distance will surely matter.

2. There are many kinds and levels of drug addiction. A drug rehab will carry out tests both medical and psychological to find out what is best for the patient. In many cases the patient might not be admitted to the rehab and need not to stay there. A weekly out door visit to the doctor might also cure him.

3. Your child will live in the drug rehab and so it is very necessary to see the facilities that the rehab provides. This differs from one place to another. You should spend a day at the rehab if you can to see the functioning of the rehab. From how the patients are treated, to the toilets and sleeping arrangements. What kind of food your child would be served and how well behaved the staff members are. Staff members of a rehab are very important. Therefore give proper attention to them. Keep an eye on how they are behaving with other patients.

4. Ask for the rehabs course and philosophy of treatment. Are they using medical or psychological treatment? There are many approaches to the problem of drug rehab. They can put to use Medical Detox, Non-Medical Detox, Bio-Physical Detox, Traditional & 12 Step Rehab Methods and many others.

5. What ever treatment that they employ, you should look to it that the center has a license of the government and the Dept. of Health.

6. Rehab treatments are costly and you should get a full estimate from the rehab center on the cost and expenses of the treatment. Also try to know whether there are any areas on which you will get the insurance cover. See to it that the facility is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) or equivalent body.

7. Drug abuse is the most deadly abuse and the patient takes time to recuperate and chances are there that he might take years to get cured. What are the aftercare facilities that the center will provide? This is very important.

Therefore take your time to search the best rehab for your child or loved ones and extend your helping hand for their cure.

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