How Alcoholism Is Effecting Teenagers

Alcohol is easily the most easily influenced and abused of drugs that has destroyed the ambitions, aspirations, health and even lives of many teenagers.  According to a recent study done by a teen treatment center, 16 percent of teenagers are intoxicated heavily by alcohol in the year 2009.  Nearly 8 percent of teens have admitted to drinking more than five alcoholic drinks in a row.

 Drinking too much alcohol at any age can be harmful but indulging in it during the formative phase of adulthood, or teenage can entail a lot of repercussions.  Some of the effects of alcohol addiction among teenagers include:

 Teenage habits of drinking and driving is a common and a dangerous thing.  Lots of cases of juvenile drinking and crushing someone to death under the wheels of a car, under drunken stupor have been registered. Be it in the US, UK, China, India or any other country you can name, cases of teenagers and people  in their early 20s who have been arrested for drinking and causing accidents are quite common.  Every year almost 2000 die in road accidents and most of the people who cause these are under 21 years of age, driving their vehicles under the influence of alcohol.
 Alcohol is known to interfere with the ability of a teen to concentrate and focus on work and studies.  The younger the person starts drinking, the more is the chance of the people to develop a prolonged, stronger case of alcohol addiction.
 Alcohol addiction can drive a person to severe depression and anxiety which can also lead to suicides. The reason is excessive alcohol temporarily masks feelings of sadness and despair but once the affects of the alcohol wears off, these negative emotions are all the more stronger and life-threatening.
 Drinking in excess can lead to problems like drug addiction. It has been observed by teen treatment centers that these adolescents who take to drinking also abuse drugs like marijuana, cocaine or heroin.
Drinking has been used by boys as a way to lure girls to bed or make them sexually promiscuous. It is fact that alcohol mixes easily in the bloodstream of girls and they are prone to feel drunk, intoxicated or near sedated easily which leads to sexual crimes like rape, unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases including HIV and AIDS.
 Crimes of passion usually happen due to alcohol abuse.  One usually gets to read in news about how a person in a fit of anger thanks to alcohol killed his spouse on lover believing that the other person was having an affair.
 Some people tend to feel sleepy due to alcohol. But at the same time, they are not able to digest what they have drunk and as a result choke on their vomit in sleep, resulting in death.
 Teenagers who drink alcohol are obviously abusing their health. By the time they reach their 20 they do not have the energy like the guys who do not drink. Liver and kidney related problems start to surface in their 20s or even earlier. 

Do not let this health threatening menace grow, take advantage of teen treatment centers and make your loved one get the best treatment for alcohol addiction.

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