Pill Addiction; How to Beat an Addiction to Ultram

In the face of mounting narcotic pain killer abuse and addiction, doctors have begun to prescribe medications with a perceived lower abuse potential, and since Ultram is not as intoxicating as medications such as vicodin or oxycontin, yet does offer effective pain relief, Ultram has become increasingly used.

Ultram, although not technically a narcotic does contain a form of synthetic codeine, and although doctors prescribe the drug out of a concern over the abuse potential of other alternatives, the thousands of people who have developed potent and enduring addictions to Ultram are a testament to the dangers even of Ultram.

Ultram is addictive

Ultram does not induce a high as pleasurable as certain other pain pills, and as such is perceived to offer a lower risk of abuse, yet Ultram does offer a real pleasant sense of wellbeing and a slight narcotic buzz, and even this slight intoxication has proven sufficient to provoke considerable abuse.

Unfortunately, although the intoxication does not compare to more potent drugs, the addiction and eventual detox resembles closely those of more problematic pain pills; and some would argue that the pains of the eventual detox are as bad if not worse than with other opiates, and the duration of detox longer.

Symptoms of Ultram detox

Ultram addicts will begin experiencing symptoms of withdrawal within hours of cessation of use, and those symptoms will peak in intensity after about a day, and endure for about 4 days before gradually subsiding over a month or more. Some of the symptoms of Ultram detox are:






Leg restlessness



The risks of seizures increase with a sudden cessation of use as opposed to a gradual tapering of consumption, and Ultram addicts are not advised to attempt a sudden detox without medical supervision and appropriate medication.

Ultram addiction treatment

Some Ultram addicts find that they cannot better their addiction and the cravings to use without professional assistance. Whenever you use a psychoactive drug above and beyond its intended medical reason you develop a psychological addiction that can be as problematic as the physical detox and withdrawal. The initial reasons for getting high may need to be dealt with therapeutically, and if these issues are left unresolved, even if you can better your physical addiction to Ultram, you run a serious risk of relapse to Ultram abuse, or to abuse of another drug.

Some patients prefer to detox in a treatment facility and undergo an intensive period of therapy as the best way to better the problem, while others prefer to taper off of the drug gradually, and then participate in outpatient treatment or therapy.

An Ultram addiction is real, the detox is serious and can be dangerous, and you are well advised to get some professional consultation or treatment help as you attempt to battle your dependency to Ultram.

Beat Beat Ultram Addiction

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