Should I Visit My Friend in Drug Rehab?

From the first day I met him he’s had problems. I helped watch his dog for about a month while he checked himself into the hospital. After that things seemed to be okay. I became friends with him merely because he lived right across the hall from “Stevie”. However, he would come home drunk and pass out in the hallway and knock on my door. He would have fights with his partner…physical knock down drag out fights, knock on my door for help and I would ignore it. Sometimes I would answer. There has always been issues with him. He moved away to Mexico to teach and did wonderful there, he was happy. Now he’s back again. “Stevie” has since I’ve been in contact with him sent out email blasts to me and all his friends like, “I’m sorry, I don’t want to live anymore. I’m going to say goodbye” …etc. Its a real strain. I want to be a good friend, but there’s too much going on. Its REALLY stressing me out. We’ve since moved to different neighborhoods thank God!

Yesterday he called me in a panicked fit–crying and screaming about he doesn’t want to go on, he couldn’t go on. I could barely understand him. Then he asked if he could come over. Not wanting to be a total Witch…I said, “yes”. Well he continued to cry and scream about how he can’t go on. I immediately reached for the phone to call 911, but asked what would make him feel better and if he could call his doctor…After ARGUING with him about what the best thing to do. I finally convinced him to go to a treatment center. the way he addicted to xanax, benzos (i don’t know what that even is!) and a number of assorted pills.
So we went to the Rehab Center. I was VERY uncomfortable. I understand that drug addiction is a treatable problem, but I feel very uncomfortable with the whole thing. The people coming in and out of the hospital, the “code yellow”-fits or fights and “code red”-someone losing it… being broadcast on the loud speaker there He wanted me to hold his hand, kept babbling about how much it would mean if I came to visit him there. I told him because of the way I feel now, I can’t commit to a yes or no. He kept pressuring me so I said, “no”. I didn’t feel guilty because I was honest. I’ve tried to be a good friend, but I honestly don’t know how to do that for him. He already feels alone etc…I can’t and don’t want to be the whole world for him! I’ve got issues of my own–health, family, work, marriage…I don’t have room. I told him when he gets better..maybe things will BE BETTER. For now, I’m kinda done. I’m tired 12 years of this stuff. Its getting old. I want him to be healthy and happy, but I can’t hold his hand ALL the way through it. He’s got to find BETTER COPING SKILLS and make his was through RECOVERY. thanks I feel better getting this off my chest.