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New Addiction Helpline in Chenango, NY Provides Substance Abuse Recovery

New Addiction Helpline in Chenango, NY Provides Substance Abuse Recovery
LIGHTNING RELEASES (4/8/2014) – The Alcoholism Treatment Chenango Helpline can be reached at (607) 235-5862 any time, day or night. It is specifically for the teenagers and young adults who are serious about overcoming their drug and alcohol …
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Helpline in Dobbs Ferry Aids in Drug and Alcohol Abuse Recovery
Will power is good to have, but unfortunately, for teens… Continue reading

Where I Can Find Drug Rehabs by Calling a Hotline?

Question by Jhonson: Where i can find drug rehabs by calling a hotline?

Best answer:

Answer by Kenneth
Probably the best way to find drug rehabs is by calling a drug addiction hotline. Hotlines are the best resource available for drug addicts and their loved ones. All calls are answered by certified and experienced counselors who can provide helpful information regarding drug addiction intervention, treatment and relapse prevention. Anybody with questions regarding the aforementioned can… Continue reading

Drug Addiction Helpline Houston Texas (713) 425-4109

Drug Addiction helpline Houston Texas (713) 425-4109 — DRUG ADDICTION HOTLINE / HELPLINE HOUSTON TEXAS (713) 425-4109 – Drug Addiction helpline Houston Texas Drug Addiction, he…

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Drug Abuse?

Question by Sakky: Drug Abuse?
Help needed for my family member. HE is about to die from how much drugs he is taking. Is there anything one can do, perhaps say he is mental and get him arrested or something???
Any advice from previous addicts????
What if he is refusing treatment? refusing to go to hospital etc
Also rehab clinics cant force someone to stay. We checked it out already.
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Addiction Hotline Help

Addiction Hotline help
Here in The Addiction Hotline, it is our mission to make the decision making process as easy as possible. Our goal is to assist people dealing with addiction…


Health Chief on the Defensive

Health chief on the defensive
The borough health trust now focuses on core health services, involving less emergency surgery, and more on outpatient, rehabilitation and community services. Mrs Lambert said: “If we don't work in this way, we won't have a hospital in South Tyneside … Read more on Shields Gazette

State prisons failing at rehabilitation
Two state senators said they were alarmed by the report, which indicates that only about 13 percent of prison… Continue reading