Drug Addiction Stories: Former QB Lucas Hopes His Tale Helps Other Addicts

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Former QB Lucas hopes his tale helps other addicts
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He wants to share his story whenever he can as a cautionary tale to NFL rookies and veterans alike–and people struggling with addictions. It's nothing to be embarrassed of, he wants them to know, and there's help out there, such as the website www.


Dealing with drugs: inside the treatment centers
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Drug Addiction: Facts About Teenage Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a serious problem in our society, and the most troublesome part is teenage drug addiction. Our children are being exposed to dangerous drugs at early ages, and often times they are exposed through their family members as. With drugs available in many places, it’s hard to imagine how we can successfully prevent teenage drug addiction.

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Christian Rehab Offers Effective Addiction Treatment

The number of cases of drug addiction has of late increased significantly in the developed countries of the western world. The administrations of the countries like the US have come forward to take care of people suffering from addiction and related problems. However, governmental aid alone cannot solve the problem. To eradicate the problem, people have to be conscious too. In this regard, several private organizations have come forward to do their bit in removing… Continue reading

Christian Drug Addiction: Mice Study Shows Brain's Natural Resistance to Drugs

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Mice Study Shows Brain's Natural Resistance to Drugs
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Slesinger and Christian Lüscher, a long-time collaborator at the University of Geneva, have been investigating the cellular changes in the brain that occur with drug abuse. They do know that drugs such as methamphetamine and cocaine disrupt the “reward …


Spiritual connection helps man kick cocaine
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Drug Addiction Help: Cuts for Mental Health, Drug Treatment Have Many Nervous

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Cuts for mental health, drug treatment have many nervous
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By Anne Geggis The biggest-ever reduction in mental health and drug treatment funding passed by the Florida Senate this week will cost taxpayers even more in jails, hospitals and police if it goes forward, some say. But this area's state senator said …


City man jailed for drug offenses
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Drug Rehabs: Recovery Brands LLC Launches to Offer Low-Cost Addiction Treatment and Rehabs Using the Groupon Business …

Recovery Brands LLC Launches to Offer Low-Cost Addiction Treatment and Rehabs Using the Groupon Business …
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Website Offers Information and Treatment Options to Addicts and FamiliesSan Diego, CA (PRWEB) February 14, 2012 Recovery Brands LLC announced the beta-launch of its new website,, today. Poised to become a marketing leader in the $ 3.1 billion alcohol and drug addiction treatment industry, the site allows patients to use group buying power… Continue reading