chemical dependency

Students Confront Substance Dependency

Students confront substance dependency
“Chemical dependence is a diagnostic term used by health professionals to refer to what the general population would call 'addiction,'” wrote Kathleen McSharry, dean of chemical dependency, in an email to The Herald. Chemical … Each year, McSharry …
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From Our Readers: Comments & Suggestions – 4/08/2014
The other thing to consider is the diagnostic criteria used for screening participants. We know… Continue reading

What Is This Drug?

Question by nickson faction: What is this drug?
I see on heaps of american movies people refering to ludes or lids?I know its drugs but what drugs?

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Answer by Frits R

Answer by told_wife_checking_mail
Quaalude (Methaqualone)

Preventing adolescent drug and alcohol use
He explained most juvenile petty offenses result in a fine and court-ordered conditions, such as probation, Sentence to Serve, educational classes, chemical dependency treatment programs, random drug and alcohol… Continue reading

New Helpline in Webster Provides Adolescents With Accurate Substance Abuse

New Helpline in Webster provides adolescents with accurate substance abuse
For many years, people with drug and alcohol addiction issues in Webster had no place to go for help. It's a particularly difficult dilemma for teenager struggling with a chemical dependency. A new helpline has been established to provide a valuable …
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New Helpline Provides Substance abuse Recovery Information for Young Adults
LIGHTNING RELEASES 03/26/14 —Teenager drug and… Continue reading

How Can My Brother-in Law’s Dual Diagnosis Be Treated?

Question by johnny c: How can my brother-in law’s dual diagnosis be treated?
My brother-in law has been suffering from dual diagnosis for some months now. We’re so worried about him and wishing that he’ll be okay soon. How soon, that I don’t know. We’re just hoping for his quick recovery.

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Answer by skincancerdoctor
what diagnosis???

Answer by the listener
Additional information is needed. When you day dual diagnosis that can mean several… Continue reading

Kurt Cobain New Death Scene Photos in Slideshow: Police Release 35 New Pictures

Kurt Cobain new death scene photos in slideshow: Police release 35 new pictures
As you can see from the pictures, those items include a cigarette lighter, a pack of cigarettes, a winter hat and sunglasses were on the floor surrounding his heroin kit. Cigarette butts were also strewn around the floor. This cold, vacant and dark …

Zac Efron's Friends Worry He's Fallen Off The Wagon Again (DETAILS)
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Looking for State Run Long Term Drug Rehab Facility?

Question by David L: looking for state run long term drug rehab facility?

i am looking for a state run long term. drug rehab. facility, in south florida. I have to get my 26 year old son HELP. He is ready to turn his life around. HELP PLEASE

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Answer by PCL-R
I’m not sure if you looking for a specific state, but I know of one run by the State of Minnesota located… Continue reading