Drug Rehabs: Amber Portwood Makes Plea Bargain, Headed to Rehab [Video] – the Inquisitr

...  Portwood Makes Plea Bargain, Headed to Rehab [Video] – The Inquisitr Filed under: Drug Rehabs She was facing up to five years for felony drug possession. Portwood had plead guilty to possession and for violating her probation. She agreed to enter a rehab facility as part of the plea deal. The judge has given her initial approval for the deal. Source   Hearing on drug rehab facility in Lebanon Township is adjourned after crowd… Continue reading

Crack Rehab: Where Do You Think Society Is Headed?

...  by ~*So Over It*~: Where do you think Society is Headed? Every time you turn on the t.v. , some bull s**t about a famous nobody is on the air. It seems the world is so hung up on Hollywood, that no one seems to care about the war, the economy, or even the kids of today, who are headed in a dangerous path unless the elders of yesterday guide them in the… Continue reading

Teen Drug Rehab: ‘Teen Mom’ Headed for Rehab in Malibu

...  Drug Rehab: ‘Teen Mom’ headed for rehab in Malibu OAK ISLAND, NC (EXAMINER.COM) – “Teen Mom” Jenelle Evans has entered a Malibu drug rehab treatment center. The 19-year-old MTV star left her North Carolina home last weekend for a voluntary stay at the facility. According to the new issue of OK! Magazine, Jenelle Evans was happy to have the opportunity to get her life back on track. The “Teen Mom,” who is currently on… Continue reading

Takers Star TI Headed Back to Prison for 11 Mos…

www.blacktree.tv TI is heading back to prison, after a federal judge revoked the rapper’s probation and sentenced the rap star to 11 months in prison for possessing drugs in September in Los Angeles. TI appeared in court today (October 15th) for a hearing that started at 2 flanked by his team of lawyers that included Ed Garland, Steve Sadow, Don Samuel, Janice Capek, Kristen Wright and Dwight Thomas. The courtroom was packed, as he stood… Continue reading

Breaking the Binge Cycle 6 Signs Your College Kid Is Headed for Drinking Danger

...  with her 24-year-old son Toren, Our Drink reveals how the family missed the signs of TorenĂ‚?s addiction and describes the agony of the ensuing discovery. Both the book and their workshops, which cater to teens, parents, high school assemblies, college student/parent orientation weekends and community groups, are designed to educate youth and families about alcohol choices and the consequences of heavy drinking. Here Chris and Toren share six signs to help you recognize… Continue reading

Lindsay Lohan Out of Jail, Headed for Rehab

...  Guns N’ Roses Drummer Steven Adler’s Learned From His Mistakes Your first thought is, “This man should be dead.” Your second thought is, “Holy shit, I’m shaking hands with the guy who played drums on ‘Paradise City.’ And ‘Rocket Queen.’ And who co-wrote “Sweet Child O’ Mine.'” Read more on ChartAttack.com Lindsay Lohan Out of Jail, Headed for Rehab 24-Year-Old Actress Served 14 Days of 90-Day Sentence for Probation Violation after 2007 Drug Case… Continue reading