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Alcohol Affects the Brain Centers?

Question by Nikita F: Alcohol affects the brain centers?
A. Equally B. Not Equally C. Depends on what you drink

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Answer by man
Alcohol affects your central nervous system and depending on how much you drink and what percentage of alcohol is in your drink, the effects will be relative to that.

A concentration of 20-30% alcohol (e.g. sherry), gets absorbed into your blood fastest and if the volume of alcohol… Continue reading

Is Marijuana Proven to Be Addictive?

Question by : Is marijuana proven to be addictive?
I thought it was only psychological but this government website says otherwise, if you have any websites to recommend to look at for addictive potential list them. Does this only apply to long-term users? Here is the link and what it says

Addictive Potential
Long-term marijuana abuse can lead to addiction; that is, compulsive drug seeking and abuse despite the known harmful effects upon functioning… Continue reading

What Causes Addiction?

Question by melon_rose: What causes addiction?

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Answer by Dave Yours Truly
Drug use or abuse crosses the line into drug addiction when you feel you have to have the drug, and you increase the amount of the drug you take. Various factors, such as your personality, your genetic makeup and peer pressure, affect your likelihood of becoming addicted to a drug. In addition, some drugs, such as heroin and cocaine, more quickly produce… Continue reading

What Are the Affects of Drugs on U.S. Teens?

Question by Renaffer: What are the affects of drugs on U.S. teens?
I’m currently writing a research paper on drug abuse and its affects on american teens and I’m having trouble finding up to date sources, help?

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Answer by Finn
It makes a trouble mind more troubled. I’m still dealing with trying to get my mind back to being truly healthy. I wish I wouldn’t have done drugs in… Continue reading

Training My Black Dog?

Question by D-Roo: Training My Black Dog?
Hi, battled depression most of my life and didn’t really care for help I just drowned it with recreational drugs and booze and that worked just fine, for a time.

Now things are different, I have a reason to care. I have a decent job and a GF for 5 years, I’m 26 and for the first time want to train this depression and try to… Continue reading

How Dangerous Is Vodka and Redbull?

Question by mikaela: How dangerous is vodka and redbull?
And since redbull (or any liquid) actually dilutes the vodka, the alcohol will get weaker, right? Sorry for bad english.

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Answer by ChemoAngel
Very Dangerous. Lately college students and teens have been mixing these energy drinks with alcohol as a means of getting a high without getting sleepy.
High levels of caffeine can boost heart rate and blood pressure, causing palpitations, according to National… Continue reading