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Info on Recommended Low Cost Drug & Alcohol Rehab Programs in Sacramento, CA areA?

Question by karenzresearch: info on recommended low cost drug & alcohol rehab programs in Sacramento, CA areA?

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California Treatment Services Alcohol Or Drug Problem? We Can Help You Now!
(530) 743-3304, 5653 Arboga Rd, Marysville, CA
Azure Acres Begin Today To A Better Future
(916) 338-0400, 5777 Madison Ave, Sacramento, CA
New Dawn Recovery Center Contact Us Today for Additional… Continue reading

I Am Lookinfg for a Free or Very Low Cost Drug Rehab That Would Take My 22 Y.o. Son. We Live in KY .?

Question by mattsmom: I am lookinfg for a free or very low cost drug rehab that would take my 22 y.o. son. We live in KY .?
MY son and is addicted to RX drugs. He wants help now but has no job, money or insurance. His wife is also addicted. He now wants help but they have run up all my credit cards to buy drugs so I can’t help him. He has friends… Continue reading

Drug Rehab Programs in California.(FREE)?

Question by Yo-Yo: Drug Rehab programs in California.(FREE)?
I was wondering if anyone knew of any.

My best friend’s mother was a meth addict a few years back and recently my friend(samantha) found meth in her house.
She says her mom has been acting differently and coming home at different hours of the night and sometimes not come home at all.

Samantha’s mother DENIES that she uses,but everyone in the family is certain… Continue reading

Alcohol Rehab Experience…?

Question by sweetabex: Alcohol Rehab experience…?
Good or bad, I’d like to know any experience.

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Answer by Question The System
It is just a bunch of people whining and making excuses about why they drink too much.

If someone really wants to stop drinking – don’t don’t stop at a liquor store on the way home or a tavern…………

Answer by jannsody
I personally have never been to rehab for alcohol (but went… Continue reading

Alcohol Treatment and Drug Rehab Programs – Sage Retreat at Hemet Valley Recovery Center S

Alcohol Treatment and Drug Rehab Programs – Sage Retreat at Hemet Valley Recovery Center S — Stories of Hope. WWW.HVRC.COM Sage Retreat Recovery Center, California alcohol treatment and drug rehab programs located in Hemet, California. Alcohol Treatm…

Avantcare Foundation 0000 Veteran Alcohol Abuse Project Features Last
In a report entitled, "Substance Use Disorders in the U.S. Armed Forces", the Institute of Medicine states, "Barriers inherent to the military that limit access to treatment for… Continue reading

Looking for a Free Drug Rehab?

Question by bobbie: looking for a free drug rehab?
my husband wants to find a free drug rehab in johnson county or closeby anyone know anything he is addicted to loratabs pops morpheine pills xanex or even soma to keep from vomiting or upset stomache anyone know where there is one?

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Answer by Richard

Answer by Andrew
Hi Bobbie,
I recommend you contact TreatmntDr.… Continue reading