Drug Rehabs: Admitted Columbia Pot Dealer Gets 1 Year in Drug Rehab – DNAinfo

Admitted Columbia Pot Dealer Gets 1 Year in Drug Rehab – DNAinfo
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Admitted Columbia Pot Dealer Gets 1 Year in Drug Rehab
MANHATTAN CRIMINAL COURT — A former Columbia University student who said he sold pot on campus to support his drug habit will be allowed to go to inpatient rehab for a year as an alternative to jail or probation in exchange for a clean… Continue reading

Success Stories Mark Recovery Engagement Center's First Year

Drug Addiction Stories in the News

Drug Addiction Stories: Success stories mark Recovery Engagement Center's first year
The coach takes the community in one hand and the drug addict in the other and says, 'Let me introduce you.'” Burns said he regularly meets with employers in the community and asks them if they would be willing to give a person struggling to overcome
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Drug Addiction Stories: Freedom to… Continue reading

Drug Rehabs: Ryan O’Neal Son Redmond Sentenced to One Year in Drug Rehab – Digital Spy

Drug Rehabs: Ryan O’Neal son Redmond sentenced to one year in drug rehab – Digital Spy
Ryan O’Neal’s son Redmond has been sentenced to one year in intensive drug rehab after pleading no contest to drug and weapons charges. The 26-year-old Redmond was arrested on August 2 when police found heroin in his car during a routine traffic stop …
Drug Rehabs – Bing News

Drug Rehabs: Drug Users Slam Rehab Abuses – Radio Free… Continue reading

Heroin Rehab: Effective Heroin Rehab for the New Year

Oklahoma- For many heroin addicts, 2011 was a year filled with sorrow and hardship. Addiction to heroin causes a person to develop an uncontrollable desire to feed their drug habit. Although many of them wish to live a normal life, they are unable to simply quit the use of heroin. Drug rehabilitation is necessary to help a heroin addict find sobriety, but with so many options for treatment, finding the most effective heroin rehab can… Continue reading

Meth Abuse: Need ADULT Help With Troubled Teen – 16 Year Old… I Think There Is a Mental Illness With Him.?

Question by tater tot: Need ADULT help with troubled teen – 16 year old… I think there is a mental illness with him.?
Over a year ago my now 16 had me arrested for “squeezing his shoulder too hard.” I was upset because he pushed me down so when the officer got there I “asserted my rights”. It was not the right way to be but I was really upset for a multitude of… Continue reading