Which Drug Is More Harmful? Tobacco or Heroin?

Question by Seahawksfan44: Which drug is more harmful? Tobacco or Heroin?
Everybody will say that Heroin is ten times more harmful and that it’s foolish to compare the two, but I’ve seen many doctors compare these two harmful drugs with some saying that Tobacco is actually more harmful than Heroin and Alcohol and that Tobacco is a severe drug.

Addiction: Heroin is extremely addictive, and Tobacco is more addictive than Heroin. How is the addiction worse in Heroin? There’s medication that you can take to let go of the Heroin addiction, but addiction to Tobacco is impossible to let go of in the long term.

Death toll: 607 within two years, while it’s a million a year for Tobacco.

Physical harm that both to the body: Tobacco does severe damage to the lungs in the long term, while Heroin actually relaxes the pain. Yes, there’s physical harm for Heroin, but mainly for long term usage and it appears to be milder. Tobacco also causes muscle loss, and it harms every other part. Heroin does cause skin popping. Both do negatively effect the physical appearance.

Mental effects: Heroin doesn’t actually kill brain cells while it does damage other cells, but it messes up the brain overall and slows it down. Tobacco messes up the brain as well with it possibly kill brain cells.

Disease risks: Tobacco causes Cancer a long with several other diseases. Heroin causes lung disease as well.

Consensus: Tobacco and Heroin are about as harmful as one another, and Tobacco needs to compared more to Heroin rather than to a mild drug like Marijuana.

Which is more harmful in your opinion?

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Answer by Doug
Tobacco dude. Easy one.

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