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Help in NW Indiana for Son Who’s Depressed and Self Medicates?

Question by dede: Help in NW Indiana for son who’s depressed and self medicates?
Is there any other place in NW IN that has a good dual diagnosis program? He has been clean for four months but is depressed and ready to relaspe.(cocaine and/or heroin was what he used to self medicate.)Has low self-esteem, doesn’t care about anything,carries alot of guilt, and shame for things he’s done to self medicate. Newlywed since May/wonderful girl, new… Continue reading

Study: Raising Price of Alcohol May Lower Violence

Study: Raising Price Of Alcohol May Lower Violence
“There's well-known links between alcohol use and violence, and it's consistent with research we've done here in British Columbia,” Tim Stockwell, director at the Centre for Addictions Research of BC, told CTV News. The researchers found that as the …
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A bottle of wine a day is harmless? The evidence suggests otherwise
There has already been criticism of current… Continue reading

Drug Rehab for Teen…..?

Question by Ahj A: drug rehab for teen…..?
are there drug rehabs for teens who are addicted to prescription drugs only for a week or 2?
how do you know if you need to go to rehab?

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Answer by Gabe
Local hospitals offer Critical care units for psychiatric inpatients and also heavily dangerous drug addicts> u can try, but again unless you’re on the verge of death it might be hard to get in. Just check with your counselor, they can set up a program to… Continue reading

Dayton Alcohol Drug Rehab Announces Expansion of Intervention Services

Dayton Alcohol Drug Rehab Announces Expansion of Intervention Services
Intervention for drug addiction can save a person from total destruction. For a free consultation, call 937-999-3852. (PRWeb April 14, 2014) Read the full story at
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Parma Alcohol Drug Rehab Introduces Expanded Residential Treatment Services
Getting off drugs and alcohol take time and effort, plus a willingness to change. For a free consultation, call 440-628-2727. (PRWeb April 14,… Continue reading

Health Project, Addiction Help ?

Question by blondespaz59: Health project, addiction help ?
The most commen things people are addicted to & abuse are Drugs ,wether perscription or illegal, & alcohal. Caffine is also a commen adiction. sometimes people can get addicted unwillingly to actions & behaviors such as cutting their wrists. What other substances or behavoirs , usaully mood or emotion altering, are adictive , being abused & cause health risks?

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Community Coalition Confronts Prescription Drug Abuse – Lincolnshire Review

Community coalition confronts prescription drug abuse – Lincolnshire Review

Community coalition confronts prescription drug abuse
Lincolnshire Review
Prescription drug abuse accounts for about 45 percent of all overdose deaths, which is more than heroin, cocaine and other illegal drugs combined, according to the Foundation for a Drug-Free World. Those at the Ela Coalition Against Youth Substance …
4 Shocking Facts About Prescription Drug Abuse in

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