Adolescent Drug Rehabs

A Teenage Experience of Drinking and Teenage Alcohol Treatment

 A teen treatment center at Chicago which specializes in alcohol addiction treatment among other rehabilitative procedures has a poignant story to tell about teen addiction towards alcohol. Keith Whittaker; 15 years old, was a bright student, always doing brilliantly in his studies and baseball.  He nursed a crush on a girl who was in the 10 grade (Keith was in the 9th grade), called Nancy.

Keith’s problem was that he was unusually shy… Continue reading

What Type of Procedures to Expect at a Teen Treatment Center

There are many who are eager to know about teenage treatment centers function and how do they treat people who are suffering from drug addiction.   The treatment actually follows on similar lines like a normal residential and outpatient treatment but in this case, there are specialists who are known to address teenage related problems. For instance, compared to adults, an increasing number of teens are known to abuse club drugs like Ecstasy; so… Continue reading

How to Find Help for Alcoholism at a Teenage Treatment Center

Alcohol poisoning, according to many teen treatment centers   is the potentially fatal repercussion of drinking copious amount of liquor in a short span of time. Due to drinking excess alcohol, our body’s functions are considerably slowed down and there is a lapse in the heart-rate, breathing etc which unfortunately causes choking, breathlessness, suffocated feeling, low blood pressure and even death.  Teenagers, who are in their early to mid-teens, are vulnerable to alcohol… Continue reading

How Alcoholism Is Effecting Teenagers

Alcohol is easily the most easily influenced and abused of drugs that has destroyed the ambitions, aspirations, health and even lives of many teenagers.  According to a recent study done by a teen treatment center, 16 percent of teenagers are intoxicated heavily by alcohol in the year 2009.  Nearly 8 percent of teens have admitted to drinking more than five alcoholic drinks in a row.

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What Can Be Expected From Ecstasy Abuse According to a Teen Treatment Center

Of the many drug related cases that teen addiction rehabs get, one of the most common ones include Ecstasy addiction.  Also referred to as ‘X’ and ‘XTC’, Hug, ‘Love Drug, Lover’s Speed and Beans; this recreational drug which is used mostly in club parties and raves is increasingly abused by people in their teens and early 20s.  The scientific name for Ecstasy is MDMA or methylenedioxymethamphetamine and is known to have properties that… Continue reading

Life Cant Wait and Neither Can You, Say No to Addiction and Move On

You can never state a single reason as to why people becomes addicted to alchohol and drugs.However, science and technology are making many researches into this field. And the fields under which the study is made is mental, enviromental, genetical and physical. Genetical conditions include a past history of some ancestors who were addicted to the same or some other substance. It is likely that in your childhood if you were being subjected to domestic… Continue reading