Question by Alaina: D.A.R.E(Drug-Abuse-Resistance-Education)?
If you’ve been through classes of D.A.R.E which is about drugs and everything well..I need help with my dare essay because I’m graduating on July first and I don’t know how to put my essay into a good speech..I need help!
O n how does the format looks like and the outline or the rough draft?

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Answer by Protectsharksaroundtheworld
for my essay i wrote what fun things we did in class and what i learned througout the year. and in the end i wrote “now i will be sure not to use drugs, alcohol or smoke”

Answer by lalaxxheart3
I loved going thorugh D.A.R.E.! It was a great and helpful class. Anyways back to your essay issue, I completely understand the writer’s block that comes with writing the essay. I remember opening up my computer to type it and sitting there blankly. We’ve all been there. For your essay I would just try and have fun with it. Talk about what you learned in class. Try and talk about what activities you did to help you understand how harmful drugs and alchol can be. Also, express how D.A.R.E. has helped you to stay away from these substances. I would start to do all of this by opening up with an introduction, just like any other essay. Write a short paragraph about what you are going to write about. Be friendly, and don’t just state facts. Try and entertain the reader. Then, start writing the body paragraph(s). In that, you would write your experiences and things you learned through D.A.R.E. and how it impacted your life. Just think of it as recapping what you did. Then, write your conclusion that recaps what you wrote about. If you want to, you could try putting how D.A.R.E. impacted your life in this paragraph rather than in the body paragraph(s). If you still seem to have writer’s block after this, just try jotting down notes about your class. Before you know it, you’ll be writing. Don’t force the paper out though, just let it come to you. It wouldn’t be that good of a paper if it were forced. Be sure not to rush this either! The best papers take the most time. Congratulations on graduating D.A.R.E.! Good luck! =)

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