Adolescent Drug Rehabs

Lindsay Lohan Out of Jail, Headed for Rehab

Former Guns N’ Roses Drummer Steven Adler’s Learned From His Mistakes
Your first thought is, “This man should be dead.” Your second thought is, “Holy shit, I’m shaking hands with the guy who played drums on ‘Paradise City.’ And ‘Rocket Queen.’ And who co-wrote “Sweet Child O’ Mine.'”


Lindsay Lohan Out of Jail, Headed for Rehab
24-Year-Old Actress Served 14 Days of 90-Day Sentence for Probation Violation after 2007 Drug Case… Continue reading

Your Guide to Adolescent Drug Rehab

If you find yourself struggling to deal with a son or daughter who has a substance abuse problem, and have considered the option of adolescent drug rehab, you might have questions. Such as how does it work, what is it, what do I do next?

Here are three frequently asked questions about adolescent drug rehab to help you navigate this confusing process and get that young person in your life the help they need.

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Associates Degrees in Psychology

To understand a human mind is most challenging, while at the same time, quite intriguing. Psychology plays an important role in satisfying that curiosity that we have always had about the human mind.

The Associates Degree in Psychology, an expansive and extensive course, helps you meet this challenge. An Associate’s degree in psychology provides you the foundation – a stepping stone to climb this ladder of great learning that helps you realize the basic principles… Continue reading

How to Help the Homeless

Is there any ways that really help the homeless? Does handing the panhandler a dollar do any good? Are you looking for the quick help or do you want to help solve the solution? The biggest problem is the homeless are not a group of the same person so their problems are not the same so the same solution will not work for everybody.

First off the reason for their homelessness is not the same.… Continue reading

Consulting Orthopedists – Questions and Answers About Adult and Juvenile Scoliosis

What is scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a disorder of the spine. It’s a disorder in which the vertebrae actually rotate, and a curve is created either in the upper or the lower back.

What causes scoliosis?

We have a number of observations, a number of findings, but there’s no unified theory. We’re hindered in that we can’t take all of the observations and put them into a road map that explains why one child with a… Continue reading

Two Weeks Since My Last Confession by Kate Genovese


Two Weeks Since My Last Confession is a novel by Kate Genovese. It is a family saga, featuring the O’Briens from Boston, Massachusetts. On the face of things, the O’Briens are an upstanding pillar of the community. John O’Brien is a politician, a senator no less, and a respected and long term incumbent to boot. Marie, Mrs. O’Brien, is a devout Catholic with five children. She is determined that they should be raised… Continue reading