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Should I Visit My Friend in Drug Rehab?

From the first day I met him he’s had problems. I helped watch his dog for about a month while he checked himself into the hospital. After that things seemed to be okay. I became friends with him merely because he lived right across the hall from “Stevie”. However, he would come home drunk and pass out in the hallway and knock on my door. He would have fights with his partner…physical knock down drag… Continue reading

Jeremy Mirabile, MD, ABAM, FAAFB, Joins the Vince Carter Sanctuary as Director of Residential Treatment Program and …

Drug Rehab Addiction Treatment Center Reports Success Rate for Client Recovery up to 400% Above National Average
Recovery First, Inc., Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment Center reports one of the highest success rates for addicts and alcoholics in the country based on follow up surveys with clients during their first year after completing treatment.

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Drug suspect seeks rehab program
A 49-year-old Topaz Ranch Estates man, arrested on drug… Continue reading

Dave Dingwall Show – “Rehab” Amy Winehouse Karaoke

Dave croons his finest rendition of “Rehab”, literally blowing Amy Winehouse out of the water with sheer musical superiority. Marvel at his unparalleled skill. Distributed by Tubemogul.

Best Rehab in Pompano Beach

This story shows how the recovery coaching program brought to you by Sober com changed the life of one recovering addict httpwww sober com addiction recovery addict sober coaching drug rehabs drug treatment relapse prevention recovery coaching

Recovery Made My Life Better

Footage from John’s Walk for Recovery – A fundraiser for the documentary “The Choosing” An independent film to be releases 2013. Produced by White Light Productions Minnesota. Can anyone recover form addiction? Executive Producer John Overby Produced by Eric Rech Camera A John Overby Camera B Jay Smiley Edited by Chris Bueckers

Narcan Causing False Negative on Blood Test?

Background: My nephew has just recently entered a 30 day inpatient program after an OD and 3 days in a detox program. This is not his first time in rehab and we want him to go into a long term half way house out of state after his 30 day program.

Question: We believe that the OD was caused from heroin b/c of his history with the drug. He is trying to manipulate his mother… Continue reading