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Can Drug and Alcohol Counseling Help With a Problem Drinker and Pot Smoker?

Question by Kels_Bells: Can drug and alcohol counseling help with a problem drinker and pot smoker?
I have a tendency to drink too much to thee point where I do not remember what I did or where I am and have come close to putting myself in danger on more than 1 occasion. My husband smokes marijuana and wants to stop. Will counseling together help us kick our bad habits?

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Does 30,000 Dollars Sound Expensive for a Treatment Center?

Question by Kailtin Milo: Does 30,000 dollars sound expensive for a treatment center?
The treatment center I want to go to is very nice but it costs 30,000 dollars… I’m only 15 so idk if thats expensive for a place like this or not?

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Answer by Keetkoo
As long as you have the money it’s not expensive.

Answer by Rose Mary Campbell
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Alcohol Affects the Brain Centers?

Question by Nikita F: Alcohol affects the brain centers?
A. Equally B. Not Equally C. Depends on what you drink

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Answer by man
Alcohol affects your central nervous system and depending on how much you drink and what percentage of alcohol is in your drink, the effects will be relative to that.

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Locating a Drug Rehab Facility?

Question by KS: Locating a drug rehab facility?
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i really need your help. My best friend was admitted to a drug rehab facility in the Cape Cod, MA area last week. I don’t know the name of the clinic, and his parents are refusing to talk to any of his friends during this time. I really need to just call him and talk to him even for a few minutes.… Continue reading

Info on Recommended Low Cost Drug & Alcohol Rehab Programs in Sacramento, CA areA?

Question by karenzresearch: info on recommended low cost drug & alcohol rehab programs in Sacramento, CA areA?

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California Treatment Services Alcohol Or Drug Problem? We Can Help You Now!
(530) 743-3304, 5653 Arboga Rd, Marysville, CA
Azure Acres Begin Today To A Better Future
(916) 338-0400, 5777 Madison Ave, Sacramento, CA
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The Seedy Underbelly of Rehab Centers' Online Marketing

The Seedy Underbelly of Rehab Centers' Online Marketing
Lack of scientific evidence aside, residential treatment centers (also known as addiction recovery centers or rehab centers) purport to offer a safe, supportive treatment environment for a person to detox from their addiction, typically for up to 30 …
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