Alcohol Affects the Brain Centers?

Question by Nikita F: Alcohol affects the brain centers?
A. Equally B. Not Equally C. Depends on what you drink

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Answer by man
Alcohol affects your central nervous system and depending on how much you drink and what percentage of alcohol is in your drink, the effects will be relative to that.

A concentration of 20-30% alcohol (e.g. sherry), gets absorbed into your blood fastest and if the volume of alcohol absorbed is a lot greater than the rate at which the liver can metabolise it, then the effects will in turn be greater as alcohol will remain in the blood for longer. It can start with reduced motor ability, slowed reactions and lower visual acuity to respiratory paralysis.

Answer by dwarakanathan cr rama
in general the alcohol has all bad effect of it on the brain centres dependind up the concentration of it

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