How Can I See a Doctor Without Insurance?

Question by Abel Skivver: How can I see a doctor without insurance?
I really can’t afford to go lately and don’t see any foreseeable future in which I could afford it.
My job doesn’t offer insurance.
and I really think I ought to speak with a Dr. about dual diagnosis issues

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Answer by ashley r
Many places have free clinics that you can go to or they have a sliding fee scale based on what your income is. Also if you already have a doctor that yous ee regualrly explain to him/her that you don’t have insurance and they may give you a discount. When I was in college and didn’t have insurance my doctor would do this for me. If they know you don’t have insurance and that paying is a struggle you can always ask them for samples of the medications that they prescribe also so they can lessen the cost.

Answer by Sandra M
If it is a mental health issue, look for mental health clinics in your area and call them and ask them if they bill on a sliding scale fee. Also these clinics can offer assistance in obtaining your medicine for free. If it is a health related issue, most communities have a local community health center and they base their fees on a sliding scale fee. No doctor can turn you away simply because you do not have money or insurance. Also, if you have to go to a hospital try to go to a teaching hospital because they have indigent care programs and they can submit your bill to charity if you advise them that you can not afford to pay.

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