Drug Addiction Treatment

Fort Worth Texas Center for Drug Addiction

transformationstreatment.com At Transformations, a person is provided with 12-step meetings which were founded by Alcoholics Anonymous and is a vitally important part of helping people to understand the recovery process. Our skilled and licensed staff of rehab specialists knows the best way to go about handling substance abuse treatment, and combine years of expertise and skill to ensure the best outcome for each client. We take client care and rehabilitation seriously and work hard to… Continue reading

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rehab in Arizona

sedonaintensive.com Spiritual Alcohol addiction treatment in only 5 days. A profound, healing experience in Sedona AZ. 5-Day Spiritual Addiction Recovery Program 1-800-647-0732.

A Look at Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a complicated disorder which may involve practically every aspect of an individual’s life in the family, at work, and amongst friends. It is actually a brain disease as the abuse of drugs leads to changes in the structure and the functioning of the individual’s brain. Drug addiction costs taxpayers millions of dollars each year and is a major public health concern for all of us, as it is a chronic relapsing disorder,… Continue reading

Living With Bears

Daniel Baldwin Defends Lindsay Lohan
Baldwin who has history of battling drug addiction in his younger year says public should not judge Lindsay Lohan too harshly.

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Memory-boosting drug may prevent relapse in drug-addicts
Washington, Aug 4 : A memory-boosting medication paired with behavioral therapy could help addicts stay clean, animal study suggests.

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Living with bears
“I heard a noise in the carport and I thought it… Continue reading

Care Package for Someone in Drug Rehab?

Someone close to me has recently entered rehab for drug addiction. The facility does not allow patients to make or take phone calls, but they do allow mail to be sent to patients. What would be appropriate items to send? Of course a a great card…maybe some magazines or puzzle books, but what else? I am very hesitant to send any foods/goodies as I’m sure he will not be feeling well at all experiencing… Continue reading

Detroit Michigan Alcoholism Rehabilitation and Drug Addiction Recovery

www.transformationstreatment.com Transformations Treatment Center takes pride in offering clients an environment that caters to a faith based drug treatment program, which is accepting of individuals who are of any faith. The drug treatment center also welcomes people who are willing to admit their problem and engage in a program that teaches them how to seek the comfort of a higher authority while they continue to try and get sober and clean. For more information follow… Continue reading