Locating a Drug Rehab Facility?

Question by KS: Locating a drug rehab facility?
Hey everyone,
i really need your help. My best friend was admitted to a drug rehab facility in the Cape Cod, MA area last week. I don’t know the name of the clinic, and his parents are refusing to talk to any of his friends during this time. I really need to just call him and talk to him even for a few minutes. I have heard there are privacy issues with patient confidentiality. It is just hurting me not to know how he is. Do you guys know of anyway that I can provide his name and the area he is in to a call center or rehab locater and find out where he is? Is this even possible with only this information? Thanks all.

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Answer by little78lucky
it would do you no good to find it because when you call they can not confirm if he is there or not unless his parents left permission

Answer by capecodscrapper
It might be hurting you but it didn’t seem to hurt too much while he was out and about and getting himself into this situation where it got so bad he needed rehab. Why not take this time to take some classes or go to some N/A meetings to learn how to be a true friend when he gets out?

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