Asking Help for a Teenage Alcohol Addiction?

Question by : Asking help for a teenage alcohol addiction?
I’m seventeen and drink often. Not to the point of drunkenness all the time but to the point of numbness, forgetting about problems. My dad is an alcoholic himself and buys me drinks when we go out. He likes it when I drink with him because I guess he felt it was a way to connect with me or something, I don’t know… So I guess since my dads gotten worse and violent against my mom and me, I usually just take a few swallows of rum or whiskey. My dad doesn’t care, mom doesn’t say anything about it. This has all happened in the last 4 months or so… It’s hurting me more mentally than physically. Last night I got drunk in front of my boyfriend who does not know of this problem and I hurt him very badly. I am going to stop but don’t know how or who to ask help from. I no longer see my therapist because I moved states, and that’s not an option right now. It’s hurting my relationship. I am going to tell my boyfriend but I am scared about it because he knows me as innocent and don’t do alcohol or drugs. I do no drugs whatsoever and never have. It’s only been in the past 3-4 months where I’ve been drinking. Advice? Please… This is getting worse and I’m falling deeper. I told myself I’d never be one of those people and now I am.

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Keep this up your will grow up to be like your father even though you don’t like him. That is the mystery of our learned behavior. Obviously your father is setting a bad example to follow. Just say no nicely to your dad when he offers you a drink. He will not force you to drink. If he does then call the police. This is really the best thing for your dad. Our lives are complicated and this is how your dad choose to deal with his stress. Don’t be him.

You can honest with your bf. If he cares he’ll listen without judgment. Go from there.

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Alcohol is a drug, period, and alcoholism is a disease, a progressive, fatal, incurable disease…it is also a disease of emotions and a family disease; alcoholism runs in families – everyone gets sick whether they drink or not.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) provides treatment for problem drinkers. Alanon provides treatment for people who live with an alcoholic; Alateen provides tretment for children of alcoholism. These are 12-step recovery programs, are free, anonymous, and available in your neighborhood. AA and Alanon are also available online.

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