Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

16×9 – Deadly Consequences of Teen Drinking

16×9 – Deadly consequences of teen drinking — There’s a startling new trend with teens and alcohol. More teens are drinking at home and, more often than not, parents are hosting the party. But underage d…

Teen party-bus driver: 'I shouldn't be going through this'
The Long Island party-bus driver accused of letting his teenage passengers drink alcohol on an unsupervised trip repeatedly objected in court Wednesday to being charged with child endangerment. "I shouldn't… Continue reading

Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Counselor Training Now Online at Cazenovia

Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Counselor Training Now Online at Cazenovia
CASAC certification is specifically designed for individuals to work in an area related to alcohol and substance abuse treatment. With CASAC certification, one could work in an inpatient rehabilitation center, a halfway house, an outpatient addiction …
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This Fast&Growing Company Is Giving Former Addicts And Alcoholics A Second
Dadashi regularly speaks at rehab centers in the… Continue reading

Why Do Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs Cost So Much?

Question by destinie_cx: Why do drug and alcohol treatment programs cost so much?
These kinds of programs are so costly. Sometimes I think that they’re after the profit, and not really there because they want to help.

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Answer by carmen da
Well, drug and alcohol treatment programs aren’t schemes to rip off people. The thing is, it takes money to build a treatment center. When you get yourself checked up… Continue reading

Long Term Rehab Facility for Alcohol and Drugs.?

alcohol rehab facilities
by SS&SS

Question by Iris: Long term rehab facility for alcohol and drugs.?
My uncle is finally ready to try to stop his long term drug and alcohol abuse. He needs a long term facility. We want to give him an intervention because we all know he wont do the research himself. Can anyone throw me some names of facilities that have reputable results. It can be anywhere in the US. I appreciate any suggestions.… Continue reading

How Can Alcohol Rehab Help My Brother?

Question by CAITLYNN C: How can alcohol rehab help my brother?
It just seems like a way of extorting money from us. Can’t he get well all on his own?

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Answer by anya w
Alcohol rehab is not a way of extorting money from people like you. They ask for fees simply because money is needed to make the program effective. Where else would they get the funds to better their… Continue reading

Meet 5 of the Low-Level Drug Offenders Obama Plans to Set Free. There Are

Meet 5 of the Low-Level Drug Offenders Obama Plans To Set Free. There Are
Those eligible to be set free will be prisoners convicted of low-level nonviolent crimes—mostly drug offenses—who have already served 10 years of their sentence, don't have a significant criminal history, and are serving out a sentence the would …
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2 released after recent drug bust in city
A Dexter man arrested with two guns and… Continue reading