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Mueller College – Random Clips Vol. 1

Mueller College – Random Clips Vol. 1
A short and random introduction to Mueller College in San Diego, featuring a cameo appearance at the end by Jennifer Welsh :)


Did Anna Nicole Smith Die of Depreastion?

Question by nixson: did Anna Nicole Smith die of depreastion?

Best answer:

Answer by evil eyes
probably did. i guess she had all that money and stuff, didn’t make her happy ey?

Answer by floyd m
She died of people asking questions about her who couldn’t spell. Like you! Get it? You can’t spell! HA HA HA HA! This answer sucks as much as your question. KISS MY CONVERSE!

Vegas Valentines

Vegas Valentines


Please, I Don’t Know What to Do?

Question by batman.: please, i don’t know what to do?
i really don’t know what to think anymore. it seems as though my life will not get any better, i won’t get any ihappier, and i’ll be stuck the way i am forever. i have constant anxiety about everything, and i can never seem to find time to relax. i’m not on any meds for it and i don’t go to therapy because my parents… Continue reading

Addiction Inpatient Rehabilitation: Addiction Rehabilitation

Addiction Inpatient Rehabilitation: Addiction Rehabilitation
http://www.HabitDoc.com – CALL (888)-42HABIT (888-224-2248) Addiction Inpatient Rehabilitation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1heyuUObuI Inpatient care, eve…


Charlie Sheen Interview Part 1 by Patricia

Charlie Sheen interview part 1 by Patricia
dialogue interpreting practice tap#1.