Drug Rehab Centers

Drug Rehab Hospitals

Drug Rehab Hospitals — Daniel Headrick M.D. of Mission Hospital in Laguna Beach California discusses the advantages of hospital-based addiction treatment. Dr. Headrick explains tha…

8 Killed in Drug Rehab Center Fire in Russia's Far East
A fire killed at least eight people at a drug rehabilitation center in the eastern Altai region, the latest in a series of deadly blazes at drug and psychiatric hospitals around the country in recent years that have raised… Continue reading

Medicaid Rates Pinch Treatment Centers

Medicaid rates pinch treatment centers
The federal government is now picking up the tab for most of Washington's publicly funded treatment of drug addiction, courtesy of President Barack Obama's health care law. … threatened closure of the Everett detox center run by Evergreen Manor and …
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Study Finds Almost Half Of Homeless Men Had Traumatic Brain Injury In Their
In men under age 40, falls from drug/alcohol blackouts were… Continue reading

Bain Capital Sees Opportunity in Methadone Clinics

Bain Capital sees opportunity in methadone clinics
Substance abuse treatment is a $ 7.7 billion industry, according to a recent report by IBISWorld Inc., a New York research firm, and growing at an annual rate of about 2 percent. Continue reading below. Heroin and prescription drug addiction is “a giant …
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ACA's coverage for addiction treatment faces barriers
One significant barrier to access is that drug treatment centers with more than… Continue reading

New Prostate Cancer Treatment Options

New Prostate Cancer Treatment Options — New Prostate Cancer Treatment Options New Prostate Cancer Treatment Options Prostate Cancer – Treatment: Your Options Visit for more information. Prostate Ca…

Panel studies options for Suffolk drug treatment facilities
The legislator said that due to limited space at existing treatment centers, people are often sent off Long Island and away from their families and support systems to places that have room for them. She said individuals should be… Continue reading

Drug Rehabilitation Treatment Centers Riverside County Call Now 866-921-3778.wmv

drug rehabilitation treatment centers riverside county call now 866-921-3778.wmv — Drug Rehabilitation Treatment Centers Riverside County Call 866-921-3778 For Help Now. If you are looking for Drug Detox riverside county, Drug Treatment riv…

Bill seeking background checks for rehab clinic owners advances
Alexander Ferdman ran a taxpayer-funded drug rehabilitation clinic in California's San Fernando Valley for years, despite a felony conviction for organized crime. State officials didn't seem to know his criminal background until an… Continue reading

Ex-Drug Addict Clean 20yrs Now Needs Morphine for Pain?

Question by chezzam: Ex-drug addict clean 20yrs now needs morphine for pain?
My friend is an ex-heroin addict who has been clean for 20yrs. She now runs a drug rehab facility with her husband. They have always believed that they can never use any type of pain-killer again because it could lead back to addiction. They also stay away from alcohol and anything else potentially addictive. However she has recently fractured her spine and the… Continue reading