What to Do With a 18 Year Old Refusing to Compete Diploma and Too Lazy to Work.?

I have an 18 year old son who has been a lot to deal with in the past few years. He has been in 3 inpatient drug rehabs, one outpatient(kicked out for coming high), another 4 month drug rehab ordered by the courts(correctional type 4hours away in the woods). Legal troubles in the past few years such s counterfieting money, forgery, theft , and has stolen from every family member he has including but not limited to computer, cameras, Ipods and lots of money. He has been back with me for 21/2 monthes and has stolen from me , smashed a car, had more legal problems including posesion of marijuana, forgery, theft, careless driving an is not following the rules of the house. He hs just turned 18 may 7th and I just kicked him out on May 21st. Heis constantly asking for money ut i I give a cople bucks to him I think he is using it for drugs instead of what it is supposed to be for. Tough love is hard. Do you think I did the right thing?